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Eat food that GROWS as nature intended {REAL food}


Heal from the INSIDE out {REAL health}


And love our child for WHO THEY ARE, now {REAL parenting}

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We are What We Eat…Digest, Absorb and Release!

I thought it would be helpful to show you how I explain health to my patients and families. It’s a super simple concept that really comes to life when you SEE it visually.   So check out this video and learn how to dig DEEP beneath the surface of your child’s symptoms from: allergies, asthma, eczema, inattention, mood and […]

Balanced Meals: What’s a Healthy Carb for Your Kid?

  This week, we’re tackling how to balance our plates (for meals and snacks) to help your child THRIVE.   A perfectly balanced meal or snack includes: food to help your child GROW and develop food to SUSTAIN their energy and active minds, and plenty of color to allow them to LIVE brightly.   With […]

GROW foods, Key for Kids

  There are plenty of suggestions on the internet about how to create balanced meals. But I’ve found the only way to make balancing your family’s meals a priority is to understand WHY each component is so important to your kiddos’ health and happiness.   A perfectly balanced meal or snack includes: foods to help […]

Recipes are Guidelines, Not Law

  Chef Jackie White and Chef Lisa Kelly are back to share their favorite shopping tips and how they plan their weekly meals! These two amazing REAL food chefs shared their recipes for our Menu Plan Program this February and March. If you haven’t already, grab a FREE trial of our Menu Plan Program by […]

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