Burns Park Elementary – Welcome to getREALforkids Menu Plan Challenge

Before You Start:

Our Menu Plan Program is delivered to your inbox every Friday filled with delicious, nutritious REAL food recipes from REAL food chefs. They’re custom tailored to fit your family’s exact dietary needs: for mom who eats grain­free, a child who eats gluten­free, another who needs egg­free or something else­free, PLUS dad who can eat everything (but is the pickiest eater of all)! Sounds crazy hard (we know). Maybe even impossible. Nope. No siree.

We’ll show you how all families can benefit from our Menu Plan Program, especially those struggling with health. Tailoring the diet can be a game­changer in reclaiming one’s health from allergies, asthma, eczema, autism and ADHD (and a whole bunch of other dis-eases including: autoimmune disease, mood and sleep disorders, diabetes, and obesity). But it’s often the hardest step, so we’ve divided it into 3 phases:

Phase 1 getREAL
Phase 2 Allergy­Free
Phase 3 Reduced­Sugar

All recipes in our menu plan fit Phase 1, helping your family move from packaged, processed food to REAL food that grows as nature intended. 

If your family is struggling with health, start with Phase 1 and move through Phase 2 and 3 according to your family’s needs. The NOTES section for every recipe shows you how to adapt the recipe to fit phase 2 and phase 3. 

Phase 2 eliminates the most common foods that disturb the immune system: gluten, dairy, egg, soy, peanut, tree­nut, fish and/or shellfish. We recommend testing to pinpoint which top allergens and/or intolerances are a problem for your child, so you can tailor phase 2 accordingly. Keep in mind it’s possible to have a food allergy and/or intolerance and not realize it, that’s why testing is so powerful ­ it lays the roadmap of which foods to avoid. 

Phase 3 further cuts sugars that disrupt digestive function: cane, grain, and legume sugar. It also highlights how to consume or eliminate foods high in phytic acid such as seeds. We recommend testing to see if digestive health is a problem for your child, indicating a need to follow phase 3. Please find a practitioner in your area familiar with digestive health testing.

Guided Support:

We know our Menu Plan Program might sound overwhelming at first and bring up a lot of questions for you, so we’ve created a support system to supplement your weekly menu plan, including weekly articles and access to a Pediatrician and Certified Health Coach for your questions. Please don’t hesitate to send us an email at info@getrealforkids.com

Trust the Process:

Everyone starts somewhere. You are where you are. Bravo! Accept that. Little by little, you CAN make the necessary changes to move through the phases according to your family’s needs. Where you are today will likely change tomorrow. Life’s a journey. For now, CELEBRATE where you are. It’s enough for today. Adjust as you see fit tomorrow. Push yourself to make positive changes, but don’t drown yourself in mind game misery. When judgment sneaks in the back door uninvited, sweep it out. Reframe. Reset. Onward!

XO – 
Team getREALforkids

Danielle Shea Tan, CHC, MBA – President
Melanie Winiger – Secretary
Sue McCreadie, MD – Treasurer and Founding President