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Leading getREALforkids is a no brainer! Our mission – to help kids live happier, healthier lives – is so near and dear to my heart.

I was a sick kid – asthma, attention-deficit, and pre-diabetes. It took me almost thirty years to discover that food and lifestyle HEALS. With this personal experience (and my gluttony for education), I’m now having a blast living my purpose as a certified health coach – soon to be family nutritionist!

In my private practice, I help busy families nurture healthy habits and face nutritional roadblocks with fun, manageable solutions. SO REWARDING! But, I’ve been YEARNING to help more kiddos find their most healthy, happy self to prevent the fear, sadness and limitations that come with dis-ease.

That’s why I’m so dang excited to INSPIRE, EDUCATE and CONNECT with you about getting REAL with food! Adopting a new healing diet and lifestyle was near impossible – until I found a supportive, empowering community. With community comes healing.

Together, getREALforkids’ community of parents and practitioners can change the world for children and heal their dis-ease so they can embrace their adventures with ease.

That’s my dream.

Can’t wait for you to dig in and get started!

I’m here for you. Connect. Community heals.

To life, love & REAL food –


I’m a wife and a SAHM of three kids. I love being a mommy! I never knew how three little beings could take so much from you…your time, your sleep, and (occasionally) your sanity, but in return give you a new purpose filled with so much love, pride and happiness!

My real food journey began as a twenty-something living in Chicago. I made the decision that I wanted to be healthier. At the time I just thought that meant buying organic skim milk and free-range eggs. I had no idea that 12+ years later this seemingly small decision would be such a huge part in my life.

Now that I’m a mom to school-aged children I find myself with a new challenge of finding the balance between keeping it REAL and not letting my kids feel like they’re missing out. We try to talk alot about food…It’s purpose. How it affects our mood, bodies and behavior. How it helps us be our best selves. At times it’s a struggle…but I keep on fighting because it’s worth it…THEY’RE WORTH IT!

I’m so thankful getREALforkids came into my life! Being a part of a team who educates and empowers parents to take control of their health and the health of their kids is so rewarding. Thank you for allowing us to a part of your real food journey!


I’m a lover of all things REAL. I wear several hats, including holistic pediatrician and non-profit {for-purpose} leader, but I’m always a mama first to 3 girls growing up fast!

I strive for balance. Balance between rest, work and PLAY. I love to dance {no alcohol required}. Music makes me happy. I sing {not so well, just ask my girls}, but I sing anyway. I try to be BRAVE everyday, feel my fear and A.C.T. because Action Changes Things.

All I wanted in life was a happy healthy baby, but instead, I had miscarriage after miscarriage, after miscarriage. Years of hormone imbalance (previously masked with hormone pills), ended with the ultimate smack in my face: no baby. Pain-FULL.

But obstacles bring opportunities. I could wait and see, take a pill, or…open my heart and mind to another solution. BINGO! I found a medical acupuncturist to re-balance my hormones and VOILA! We not only conceived, but I didn’t miscarry – and our first daughter was born. Hallelujah!

During my training as a medical doctor and pediatrician, I saw many children benefit from the marvels of modern-day medicine, and at the same time fall through the cracks of standard medical care. This was true, even for my own health!

Now with over a decade of experience and study, I’ve developed a system with nutrition, herbs and homeopathy to help children heal from allergies, asthma, attention, autism and most childhood health issues.

My goal is to help your child heal naturally – dig DEEP beneath the surface of symptoms, see the root problems and resolve them, so healing can happen and health can be restored. You can find REAL health for your child and I’m SUPER excited to share how!

Believe. The future is bright. All things are possible. Persistence pays. Despite parenting taking unexpected HARD turns keep going. Great things come with time and effort. Small steps, even tiny ones, still move you forward. KEEP BREATHING. Think positive and A.C.T. because Action Changes Things.

get EDUCATED. get INSPIRED. get REAL with us!

Community heals.

XO –

Dr. Sue

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