Turn millions of children around to HEALTH & HAPPINESS so they can live their best life and in turn make the world a better place for everyone.         get REAL for kids™ is a non-profit organization that provides education and resources to help parents get REAL with food, health and parenting. We raise awareness with our get REAL Revolution™ and give back to communities through our get REAL and Give Back™ charity. Join us and millions of others on the get REAL Revolution™ and start making simple changes to help your child live his best life. Donate and help us get REAL and Give Back™ to school communities with the resources to build an organic school garden.    The get REAL Revolution™ is about getting REAL for kids by changing the way we eat, treat illness, and parent. get REAL™ is a movement for parents - to easily understand how to feed their family REAL food, how to heal their child’s illness (not just medicate his symptoms), and help their child grow to be the best version of herself. get REAL for kids™ gives back to communities through the get REAL and Give Back™ charity which provides education and resources on food, health, and parenting. Contributions will be used to launch the Planting Seeds for Health and Happiness Program which will provide school communities with food, health, and parenting education kits and the resources to build an organic school garden. 


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