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And love our child for WHO THEY ARE, now {REAL parenting}

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Piece by Piece We Assemble this REAL Family

Sun is shining, white puffy clouds amidst a beautiful blue sky. Sand in my hair and children laughing, shrieking, crying. I must be at the playground. As April comes to a close the realization hits me that I will be here quite often the next few months. I make a mental note to prepare good […]

I Feel Your Pain (Connect. Empathize. Guide.)

Silas asks me to put a blanket on him. I pick up his favorite one, appropriately named “big white”. I fluff it up in the air and let it fall gently around his body – just like I always do. Peace in my heart as I lovingly take care of my sweet boy.  And then… […]

Picky Eating STINKS.

Picky Eating STINKS. Especially when you’re committed to feeding your family REAL food.After planning, prepping and cooking a delicious wholesome meal, the last thing you need is a child who refuses to eat dinner. That, my friends, is MADDENING. But, it’s reality and it happens in more households than not. In fact, some studies designed […]

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