We are What We Eat…Digest, Absorb and Release!

I thought it would be helpful to show you how I explain health to my patients and families.

It’s a super simple concept that really comes to life when you SEE it visually.


So check out this video and learn how to dig DEEP beneath the surface of your child’s symptoms from: allergies, asthma, eczema, inattention, mood and sleep problems, or you fill in the blank.

SEE the REAL problems that need to be addressed: DIET, GUT, DETOX and DRAIN.

We are what we eat, digest, absorb and release.

So let’s get started and ….

A.C.T.  (Action Changes Things):

  • Watch the video. 
  • Take a minute and visualize your child on the REAL health teeter-totter.

I’d love to know…

Is she happy and at ease? Easily balancing herself – back and forth? Or is she stuck (thud!) with symptoms: constipation, recurrent tummy aches, headaches, inattention, waxing/waning rashes, or a nagging cough?

What is your family struggling with? Allergies, asthma, eczema? Attention, mood, sleep? Diabetes or excess weight? Or something else?

Did this video help you SEE the REAL problems that need to be addressed: DIET, GUT, DETOX and DRAIN?

Post a comment and let me know.

Dig deep and share BIG. Your story may be just what someone else needs to hear today.

Community heals.

XO – Dr. Sue

Susan McCreadie, MD
Holistic Pediatrician, NonProfit Co-Founder of getREALforkids



  1. Scarlett says

    Thank you for such an informative, comprehensive video that puts so many common health issues into perspective. Knowledge is power. I have grandchildren with at least one of the issues addressed. It is time to “dump some healthy junk”.

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