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Chef Jackie White and Chef Lisa Kelly are back to share their favorite shopping tips and how they plan their weekly meals! These two amazing REAL food chefs shared their recipes for our Menu Plan Program this February and March. If you haven’t already, grab a FREE trial of our Menu Plan Program by entering your name and email below.


How Do You Plan Your Weekly Meals?

Chef Jackie loves old and ethnic cookbooks. “Remember recipes are guidelines not law.” Her goal is to simplify, changing recipes to make them easier to prepare, eliminating whatever steps she can. Chopping vegetables into the perfect dice does not feed her soul (we hear ya Chef Jackie)! She plans meals around family activities, making the simplest meals on the busiest days and tries to buy what’s in season. Here’s an example weekly menu plan:


  • Sunday – Roast (crock pot)
  • Monday – Meatless Monday (eggs or fish)
  • Tuesday – Stir Fry (meat and veggies)
  • Wednesday – Sunday Leftovers (soup, stew or lettuce wraps made from Sundays leftovers)
  • Thursday – Tacos (meat often already prepped in freezer)
  • Friday – Eat whatever is left!
    • No leftovers? No problem!
    • Grab a Fallback Meal – a freezer meal from previously doubled and frozen recipes 
  • Saturday – Eat whatever is left or Pick Up Sticks (skewer cheese, meat, veggies on toothpicks)


Chef Lisa picks a plant-based protein (usually a bean) and makes as many meals around that ingredient as possible, so she gets the most meals for a good price. “If I choose black beans for example, I’ll buy a whole bunch, make a black bean soup, some black bean burgers, a black bean quinoa salad, and then maybe throw the rest over a salad.” She cooks or preps as much food as possible on Sunday to get the week started off on the right foot!


What’s Your Favorite Shopping Tip? 

Chef Jackie has 4 seasonal shopping lists and buys almost the same items every week. “I may get different greens or different veggies weekly but I buy similar amounts.” To eliminate waste, she only shops for 5 rather than 7 days. “If we run out of food, we go to the freezer for our fallback stash.” [See FallBack Meal from her menu plan example above]


Chef Lisa: “Don’t shop without a list. Have your meal plan ready before you shop. That way, you’re only buying exactly what you need and you’re not making impulse buys or spending unnecessary money.”


If you’re not big on menu plans and shopping lists, we hear ya!. That’s why we created our Menu Plan Program, which includes a weekly menu plan and coordinating shopping list. Botta boom, botta bang! Enter your name and email below and grab your FREE trial today!


A.C.T. (Action Changes Things)


Try making a menu plan this week using Chef Jackie’s example above.
If you haven’t already, make a triple batch of her taco seasoning and keep it on hand for an easy taco night every week. You can use whatever type of ground meat you prefer and mix in beans if that’s your thing!


Every change matters.


Keep it REAL.


“When you get off track just hop back on again.
You won’t be starting over,
just continuing on the track to building your new REAL food lifestyle one meal at a time.”
– Chef Jackie


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