Introducing Chef Jackie White and Chef Lisa Kelly



We’re super jazzed to introduce you to Chef Jackie and Chef Lisa, two amazing REAL food chefs who shared their recipes for our Menu Plan Program this February and March. If you haven’t already, grab a FREE trial of our Menu Plan Program by entering your name and email below.


Chef Jackie White from Prep Like a Chef

She’s been a chef for 17 years!!!! and a mom for 14. She’s the REAL deal and is passionate about making nutrient dense meals that taste just like her mom and grandma’s from childhood. Her mom grew her own vegetables in dirt and sunshine; her grandma raised chickens who ate from her own small backyard. Imagine.

“I love cooking with kids because they have less boundaries.” Chef Jackie asks them their favorite meal and then shows them how to prepare it with REAL ingredients that she chooses. THEN, they get to make the same meal with REAL ingredients they choose! “When they are a part of making the meal they get so excited to try it and to share it with others. Sometimes their REAL substitutions seem crazy to me. But by choosing their own ingredients they create their own recipe. I make many of their creations on a regular basis.”


Chef Lisa Kelly from The Vegan Pact

Vegan cooking from scratch is Chef Lisa’s passion, creating organic, animal-free meals without processed food. Like getREALforkids, she believes healthy, REAL, unprocessed food is crucial for health. Especially for kids.

With so many foods containing harmful ingredients, she loves teaching families how to cook meals using wholesome, healthy and delicious ingredients. “I actually enjoy seeing unhealthy dishes at restaurants and on cooking shows! I like taking really bad-for-you dishes and making a super healthy plant-based version that tastes just as good.”


What’s Your All-Time Favorite Recipe?

Chef Jackie: “Chicken soup is my favorite because my mom and grandma always had a pot on the stove or in the refrigerator. The smell takes me back home, sitting in the kitchen eating while my mother prepares dinner. I don’t even know what we talked about. It doesn’t matter. We were together. Fond memories like these are the reason I am a chef today.”


Chef Lisa: “This is a tough one! I love all my stews and casseroles, but two of my favorites have to be my BBQ “pulled pork” sliders with creamy coleslaw and my chickpea sloppy joe’s. No one ever believes they’re vegan!”


A.C.T. (Action Changes Things)


Make one change this week.
Make a meal using seasonal vegetables.
Already do that?
Find a local co-op for pastured meat and eggs.


Every change matters.
Let us know what you chose to do this week!
We’d LOVE to know…Keep it REAL.

As Chef Jackie says,

“When you get off track just hop back on again.
You won’t be starting over,
just continuing on the track to building your new REAL food lifestyle one meal at a time.”


Team getREALforkids

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