Be Your Own Parent



Last week was rough for me.

I was feeling extra tired, a little invisible and a lot overdrawn. I went about my business. I ignored my emotions, I shrugged off my pain. Well, my “business” got all messed up, my emotions turned into impatience and my pains turned into a flared up back issue. On Sunday, when it was my turn to eat – all the pancakes were gone and I was too tired to make any more. I cried. For real. Over pancakes. Ummmm…


Crazy? No. REAL? Yes.

I am a spirit in a body with emotions and a mind. Being aware of all of these things is what makes me mySELF.  Ignoring what any part of me is in need of is not good for me or anyone around me. I need to put my oxygen mask on first. Easy? Of course not. Necessary? YES! So much easier for me to write this than it is to follow my own advice. But it’s important – for all of us.


Are you continually crossing yourself off your to-do list?

Are you one of those people who is really, truly needed? Big time, by many people and in many different ways? Pulled in different directions? Re-prioritizing your priorities? Making list after list? Continually crossing yourself off before it’s “your turn”? Well, Stop it. STOP IT I say! A wise woman once told me, “If you don’t start asking for help it will kill you.” A little extreme maybe, in some cases maybe not. Bottom line is, you are needed because you are important. Way too important to be crossed off any list.


Be your own parent.

Get your sleep. Eat the good stuff. Take your supplements. Find your balance. Do the things that make your heart soar. Of course being the “you” that your family needs brings you so much happiness you could burst. The good kind of bursting we like. To avoid the bad kind of bursting means taking a step back from that role. The role you are so good at but sometimes lose yourself in. And by golly, NEVER feel guilty or think it selfish to read a book or take a yoga class. Be your own parent. Do for you whatever you would want done for your children. Because they need the happy, healthy, strong and REAL you standing in front of them. Not the one distracted – longing for a break… in the closet… with a cookie.


A.C.T. (Action Changes Things):

The next time you have a quiet moment to yourself, sit down and make a list (yes, I said list, haha).
A list all about YOU. Things you want to do for yourself, by yourself. Things you want to accomplish. Activities you want to do with your significant other or as a family.
Fun things…scary things…things that you have always wanted to try. Then get to it!


So, how does that sound to you?
Are you angry because “there just isn’t enough time”?
Or do you feel a little flicker of excitement in your belly?

Roll with it…baby steps.
You are so worth it. You are important.
You are more than enough – beautiful and deserving.

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