Even REAL Food Can Be Bad for You!


When we’re stuck in unhappy places (needing daily medications for allergies, asthma, attention, autism, diabetes, cholesterol, or just to go to sleep and stay asleep), we usually want the shortest (least painful) way out. NOW. That’s why we grab medications, they resolve symptoms quickly. BINGO.


Medication is a surface solution.

BUT..If we only address our child’s symptoms with medications, we fail to solve their underlying dis-ease. Take away the topical steroid cream, the eczema returns. Take a break from the stimulant medication, the inattention or hyperactivity comes back. If we want to stop medicating our child’s symptoms away, we need to dig DEEP beneath the surface of our child’s symptoms and see the REAL problems that need to be addressed. We need to heal from the inside out, not just treat surface symptoms.


It’s time to dig DEEP, beneath the surface.

Healing from the inside out is a process of fixing invisible imbalances to resolve visible symptoms. So let’s peek below the surface of your child’s symptoms, down to the invisible world inside her. There we’ll examine her root problems/imbalances, so we can learn why she’s stuck with wheezing, constipation, headaches, inattention or (you fill in the blank).


Before we take our deep dive, as your guide I need to show the overall map of where we’re heading. Only makes sense right? I call it your REAL Health RoadMap. Click for a quick overview of the 4 steps: Diet / Gut / Detox/Drain and Brain. Today we’re diving into Step 1 – Diet; it’s all about eating the right REAL food for you.


Brutal Truth: There’s no one right diet for everyone.

Sigh. No one prescription fits all. Nutrition is best when tailored specific to a person’s needs. Think of it as a suit. Take the suit off the rack and put it on. It fits. It’s good. But when tailored specifically for YOU, it fits on a whole new level (mmm-hmmm)! Same goes for food.


Eating REAL food is great; Eating the right REAL food for YOU is amazingly better!

Eating REAL food is great! To boost your health and happiness, eat REAL food. But sometimes, a lot of times, it’s not enough to eat REAL food. Your food needs to be tailored to meet your needs. Why? Because even REAL food can be bad for you! What?!?!? Yes. It’s true. Gluten can rip some guts to shreds. Dairy can be hard to digest. Anyone else feel 3 months pregnant after eating a slice of pizza? (Sigh.)


Some REAL Problem Foods

Tailoring my patients’ diets to fit their needs has been the #1 game-changer in reclaiming their health from allergies, asthma, eczema, autism, and ADHD (and a whole bunch of other things including: autoimmune disease, mood and sleep disorders, diabetes, and obesity). The top three foods I find stressing children O.U.T. are:


  1. Gluten
  2. Dairy
  3. Sugar (both cane sugar called sucrose & grain sugar called maltose)


What REAL foods are affecting your child?

It’s possible food is a player in your child’s eczema, constipation, behavior (or fill in the blank) without you realizing it. That’s why testing is ideal to tailor your child’s diet, but it’s not always possible due to cost and practitioner accessibility. We’re working on building a practitioner database for you, so stay tuned! In the meantime…


  1. Move from packaged, processed food to REAL food that grows as nature intended.
  2. Grab a FREE copy of our Menu Plan Program by entering your name and email below


Our Menu Plan Program will walk you through a 1, 2, 3 phased approach to tailoring your child’s diet –  the first step and #1 game-changer in reclaiming your child’s health. BUT.. it’s often the hardest step, so we’ve divided it into 3 phases to help you find the right REAL food for your child.


Sounds crazy hard (I know).

Keep breathing.

We’ll get there.


A.C.T. (Action Changes Things):

Take a minute and list all the ways you’ve already changed your family’s diet.

More REAL?

Less sugar?

Gluten-free? Dairy-free?


I’d love to know…


What dietary changes helped your family? Any improvement in allergies, asthma, eczema? Attention, mood, sleep? Diabetes or excess weight? Or constipation, recurrent tummy aches, headaches, waxing/waning rashes, a nagging cough, or recurrent fevers?


If you’re feeling brave today, leave a comment and let me know.

Dig deep and share BIG. Sometimes we feel all alone, like a little fishy swimming upstream.

Your share may be just what someone else needs to hear today to keep going.


Community heals.


XO –

heart Dr. Sue



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