REAL food Can Come in a Package!

There’s FAKE ingredients hiding in your “healthy” packaged foods!

Before you shoot the messenger, you’ve got to read this week’s blog posts. First, we tackled how to find REAL food that comes in a package with a few simple steps for deciphering a nutrition label. Then, I inflicted a whole lot of weeping (sorry!) when I shared a list of sneaky FAKE ingredients hiding in our “healthy” packaged foods.

If you’ve been taking action this week, I’m sure your furious at me for blasting the products in your pantry. That’s ok. I’m tough and I can take a little beating. The good news: I’ve got your back still!

It may seem virtually impossible to find REAL food that comes in a package. But, after years of scouring the grocery store and checking many, many labels, I’ve found a few that will make your heart sing!

My favorite REAL foods that come in a package:

Mary’s Gone Crackers

marys gone crackers


Skip the cereal, it takes a whole lot of processing (i.e., stripping of vitamins, minerals and fiber) to create those flakes, o’s and puffs.  Try Purely Elizabeth Granola instead.

purely elizabeth granola


Kit’s Organic Bars

kits berry almond

Go Raw Bars

go raw bar


 apple cinnamon larabar


While hummus may be odd to include on this list. You’ll be surprised how much junk can sneak into this convenience food. Until I found Hope Hummus, I was stuck making my own hummus all the time.

hope hummus 


Go Raw Cookies (many flavors)

go raw cookies carrot cake

Transforming my pantry to contain only REAL foods took years.
One step at a time and you’ll get there too!



A.C.T. (Action Changes Things)

This week, ACT. 

Read the ingredients in your crackers, cereal, bars, cookies or even the hummus.

See anything FAKE? Toss it.

Replace with a packaged food that contains REAL ingredients.



Oh my, what did you find?

Better yet, tell me in the comments which REAL food in a package that you’ll be adding to your grocery list?

Need a REAL food swap that I didn’t cover in this post, please let me know – I LOVE to share!



To life, love and REAL food,

Love, Danielle


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