We Cooked Up a Brand New Treat for You!!!

GRFK_change starts at the dinner table
We cooked up a brand new treat for you!!!
We sure did, for REAL.
And it’s good…really good!


Menu planning stress. GONE.
Frantic recipe searching. OVER.
Shopping lists written on old billing envelopes that get stuck between car seats. NO MORE.


Imagine a meal plan delivered to your inbox every Friday with REAL food recipes that fit your family’s exact dietary needs: for mom who eats grain-free, a child who eats gluten-free, another who needs egg-free or something else-free, and dad who can eat everything (but might be the pickiest eater of all)!


We’ll save you time, money and stress. Oh yeah!


Introducing getREALforkids Menu Plan Program

  • Weekly Menu Plan and Shopping List
  • Recipes by REAL Food Chefs
  • Custom-Tailored to Fit Your Family’s Exact Dietary Needs
  • 3-Phased Approach: Start Where You Are, Move To Where You Need to Be
  • Private Facebook Community – Connect with People & Practitioners Who Can Help


Feel like a short-order cook some days?
We do! There’s nothing easy about managing your family’s meals. It can be hard, crazy hard. But we’ve got you covered! We streamline meal craziness with our 3-Phased approach – meals adapted to meet everyone’s needs. Bingo!


Plus, our handpicked REAL food chefs will educate and INSPIRE us with shopping tips, kitchen tricks and their favorite kitchen tools. And because we’re wacky and REAL, you’ll also hear their answer to our crazy question: “If you could be one REAL food, what would it be and why?” Wait til you hear the answers!


Lost or confused on how to help your child struggling with health?
We were! Until we figured out that custom-tailored REAL food should be our first step to help our child heal. So we bottled up our expertise for you and created the getREALforkids Menu Plan Program! We’re all REAL moms, with families facing allergies, asthma, ADHD, anxiety…sound familiar?


What are you waiting for?


A.C.T. (Action Changes Things)

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We’re here, serving you on your REAL food journey! Be brave!
Tell us what you need from the getREALforkids Menu Plan Program.


Team getREALforkids

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