Chef GRFK, Not REAL Food Chefs – “Just” REAL Moms!



Disclaimer: None of us are REAL food chefs, but we are REAL moms!
Our Board of Directors is so jazzed to launch getREALforkids Menu Plan Program, we jumped on board for February and March 2015 as “Chef GRFK”, alongside two REAL food chefs: Chef Jackie White and Chef Lisa Kelly.


We aren’t REAL food chefs like Chef Jackie and Chef Lisa, but we are REAL moms with families facing allergies, asthma, ADHD, and anxiety…sound familiar? Here are a few Chef GRFK’s TIPS & TRICKS we’ve learned along our REAL food journey (you’ll hear from the REAL food Chefs Jackie & Lisa soon…promise!)


“Don’t be afraid to buy in bulk and freeze things.” – Heather,
our non-profit guru helping us build partnerships with communities
across America who struggle with access to and education about REAL food and its POWER to heal.


Food Prep:
“Make a triple batch of Chef Jackie’s Taco Seasoning and store it with your other spices.
Easiest dinner ever! Brown meat (with onions and garlic), add taco seasoning and a little water, simmer 10 minutes, D.O.N.E!” – Dr. Sue, Co-Founder and President


Kitchen Tool:
“My garlic twist. It peels AND minces with just a few twists!” – Danielle, Vice-President


Answer to our wacky REAL question:
“If you could be one REAL food, what would it be and why?”
“A coconut. I could make milk, meat, flour and oil out of me.
I’m fuzzy, round and sometimes a little nutty 😉 “ – Jess, the get REAL mama


Each month you’ll hear from our handpicked REAL food chefs, like Chef Jackie & Chef Lisa. They’ll educate and INSPIRE us with shopping tips, kitchen tricks and their favorite kitchen tools. And because we’re wacky and REAL, you’ll also hear their answer to our crazy question: “If you could be one REAL food, what would it be and why?” Wait til you hear the answers!


These same handpicked REAL food chefs will be the ones featured in our getREALforkids Menu Plan Program. So be sure to check it out…


getREALforkids Menu Plan Program

  • Weekly Menu Plan and Shopping List
  • Recipes by REAL Food Chefs
  • Custom-Tailored to Fit Your Family’s Exact Dietary Needs
  • 3-Phased Approach: Start Where You Are, Move To Where You Need to Be
  • Private Facebook Community – Connect with People & Practitioners Who Can Help


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