When You’re Fully Present with Your Child, Magic Happens.


REAL parenting is hard, yes. All “styles” of parenting can be challenging. But REAL parenting – broken down to its simplest form, can be easy. Easy as Paleo pie. Are you confused yet?  That’s okay.

In this age of technology and distraction, I often find myself in a sea of confusion. Swimming against the current, tired and sometimes lonely. Too many thoughts scrolling through my brain like a CNN news feed. Getting grumpy or losing patience. That’s when I know it’s time to CHILL OUT!  Put down my phone and to do list. Get outside, barefoot. Frolic.


Whatever brings me back to myself, away from the distractions of this busy life (the hard part), back to this moment – being PRESENT.


REAL parenting requires presence.
Being present is what my child needs from me, and really – what I need for myself. When I take the time to breathe, find my inner calm – being there for my child IS easy. The crying baby who just wants to be held – hold her, over and over again. The toddler with a million questions – look him in the eye and answer him, over and over again. The teenager with the attitude – be there, fully present and engaged.


When you’re fully present with your child, magic happens

with presence comes connection, comes trust. Some people might say that trust is earned, and I guess it can be (re-earned). But I like to believe that our babies are born trusting us. Don’t know about you, but I was FULLY present when my two boys were born. Wowzers! From birth forward, it’s our responsibility to nourish connection by being fully present.


Yes, we can have “off” days, fumble and even disappoint.
But can we be aware enough to see these times for what they are? Learning opportunities. Can we be brave enough to be accountable for our actions and apologize when needed – explain our feelings to them? Deepen that connection and trust, all while letting them know that you are not ever going to be a perfect parent. Easing their minds so they can relax into being who they are with you – imperfections and worries don’t exist in your connected space.


You can be THEIR perfect parent – through connection and presence.
The gift of your fully engaged self. Spirit connecting with spirit. Don’t get lost in the role.  Be you, be human, be REAL ~ so they will feel secure enough to do the same.


A.C.T. (Action Changes Things):
Stop thinking altogether. Just be still and let things happen. Go with the flow inside your nest – the home you created for your family. Everything feels softer on these days. You become more familiar – like you’re remembering more of yourself. You see their spirits shining beyond their skin. You hear them beyond their voices. You feel them beyond your fingertips. You get to know them a little deeper. Heart to heart. Soul to soul. Things are quiet, connected and peaceful.



How’d that go? We’re you thinking “@#!% Let things happen, is she crazy?”
What was your obstacle to softening and stop thinking altogether? Don’t be shy.
You might give someone else an opportunity to relate.

Obstacles are opportunities for us to grow.
We’re in this together.

Community heals.

Go to your heart and share your love below.

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