Love Your Child for Who They Are, Now.

What is REAL parenting?  Can there even be an answer to that question? What works for some may not work for others. And that’s okay, it really is. Real parenting isn’t about rules or do’s and don’ts.


REAL parenting is loving your child for who they are, now.
Seeing them for who they really are on the inside and appreciating their spirit in every given moment. Giving them the opportunity to shine in all the ways that feel right to them.

Providing a space for them to just be as they are: unique, important and separate.


From the moment a child comes into this world their intent is to be seen, heard and loved – no matter what. Loving your child unconditionally will give them the support they need to live their best and happiest life.  Safe in their skin, comfortable in their hearts.


REAL parenting is not perfect.
Accept that you will make mistakes but make the decision to learn from them. Be kind to yourself.  Read books or articles that call to you – hold onto what feels right and let your intuition do the rest.  There are things we all can learn – everyday. Science, spirituality – always have the ability to enlighten us. Just remember that there isn’t anyone on Earth who knows your child as well as you do (except for them of course).  Strive for wholeness, not perfection, and your children will learn to do the same. The words you use, the life you live, who you really are – is what they will see.  Parent yourself into becoming the person that you and your child need to thrive. And live each moment to the fullest, every bit of laughter, tears, hills and valleys. These moments will soon be memories.


REAL parenting is a journey.
I am not a parenting expert.  I am a mom who likes to dig deeper – into myself and the world around me. I want to walk this journey hand in hand with my child, so when the time comes to let go – he is ready. Brave and beautifully balanced. Open, kind, connected, and able to be true to his inner voice. When the sun goes down and the house vibrates with the energy of peaceful, sleeping children, I get to sit with myself. I get to sit with the feeling the day left behind and hope to be happy with it. Grateful to have the opportunity to be myself and let my love shine without fear. Inspired by their growth and individual spirits. Ready to use what I learned today when the sun rises again.


A.C.T. (Action Changes Things):
Get down to her level. Open your arms and wrap your child in a hug; one she can feel to her bones. Sync your breath together and inhale. Stretch your lungs and grab a bit of her scent so you can trap it in your heart forever. Exhale … Soften and let go. Remember that if you do everything from a place of love – you’re doing it right.


So …


Does this little A.C.T.  make you feel insync or is it too scary to let go?

Did you have a vision of something you want to change?
Or maybe a confirmation of something you’re already doing?


Whatever your feeling – you’re  not alone.
Share your love and insights with me below.
We’re in this together.

Community heals.

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