Fighting Old Feelings and Breaking Down Heart Walls


REAL parenting is about being mindful.
Mindfulness provides an awareness of ourselves and those around us. It improves our connection to our true self, your child’s true self, and the world. It helps us to see where our feelings and (re)actions come from. We see things for how they really are.


Take a deep look in the mirror and truly see yourself. See what makes YOU shine as well as falter. Know your personal story, your heart and your emotional triggers.


Take a deep look into your child. Do you really see him for who he is? Are your reactions to his behavior valid? Are they contributing to the growth you wish to see in yourself and in him? Or are they burning reactions to past fears and pains?


It’s never too late to implement mindfulness into our life.
Be still. Whether it be through reading, meditation, or prayer. Reconnect with the nature of your spirit. Don’t be afraid to let go of what doesn’t feel authentic and discover something new about yourself everyday. I did this, still doing it.


At first I was afraid of what others might think if I changed too much. But then I reminded myself that I wasn’t really changing – just giving myself permission to be the REAL me. And you know what? I feel free and secure. HAPPY!


Listen to your heart and your inner voice will only get stronger.


REAL parenting is heart centered.
There is that place inside all of us, sometimes hard to reach – but it’s a place of knowing. Knowing what is real and important. Away from your worries, perceptions, feelings and even your wishes.


Find that place – the cozy little seat inside your heart.
Sit there, breathe and just soak up the awareness.
Parent from that place, the place  where authenticity comes from.
It’s the most peaceful place in this world.


Life is like a Labyrinth.
You spend so much of it trying to find your way through the twists and turns, doing whatever you can to reach the goal. Until one day you decide you had it all figured out in the beginning – before the struggle, when all you felt was love. That’s when you attempt to find your way back home. Home to the love in your heart that is ALWAYS there, it just has to be recognized.


REAL parenting is the art of noticing.
Be aware of what’s inside your heart and why. Its easy to notice a trend within yourself – something that takes you away from that peaceful heart-centered place.


When your pulse starts to race, you get sweaty, you feel like running away. It’s not because your child has a problem with hitting or yelling or listening or learning. Your child is just being human and you are reacting to him and all his humanness.


So many people, moments and major events happened before he came into your life. Let your reactions and emotions guide you to those places – find the painful reminders. Acknowledge and then throw them to the birds – screaming: “Thank you for the lesson – but I’m moving on now!”


Hold your child’s hand. Keep walking forward. Move towards a better way.


REAL parenting is an ongoing lesson.
REAL parenting is doing better than you did the day before. REAL parenting is a journey, with no particular end in sight. There is no end to where you stop and he begins and you both continue on – together in your relationship and separate in your being.


That’s REAL parenting:  getting real with yourself so you can BE REAL for your child.


A.C.T. (Action Changes Things):
Take a slow, deep breath. Imagine that breath bringing clean and crisp air into your body. See it traveling through your blood, your bones – from your head to your toes.  Reach your arms to the sky, stretching out through your fingertips. Exhale, SLOWLY, as you bring your hands together and bring them down to your heart. Close your eyes, repeat as many times as you need – until you feel your spirit softly resting inside your heart. That’s the REAL you, ready to lead your mind and body in every moment.   



Did you feel the REAL you, resting quietly within yourself?
Can you share other ways you’re able to connect with your true self?

I’m constantly checking in on myself –
fighting old feelings and breaking down heart walls.
I think that’s perfectly OK.

We’re in this together.
Community heals.
Go to your heart and share your love below.


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