To change the visible, You must FIRST change the invisible.

When we’re stuck in unhappy places (dis-ease), we usually want the shortest (least painful) way out. NOW. Agree?

I remember the very first-time my daughter wheezed, I couldn’t get that nebulizer to her mouth fast enough! But years later when she needed breathing treatment after breathing treatment, I knew I had to dig DEEPER.


To change the visible,
You must FIRST change the invisible.  

To change her visible (symptoms), we had to change her invisible (root problems). Why? Imagine you have an apple tree, firmly planted in the ground, secure and stable.  Initially, the apple tree grows beautiful, ripe, juicy apples. Nothing better!  As the years progress, more and more “bad apples” appear. So you toss those apples. Then your tree ONLY bears bad apples.  Why? You never addressed the root of the problem. Did you nourish your tree? Water it?  Enrich it’s soil with organic compost? Protect it from wind or prune it? Plant another tree next to it to ensure pollination?


Healing from the inside out is a process:
Fix your invisible imbalances to resolve your visible symptoms.

When you’re healing from the inside out, it may seem like “nothing is happening people!”
But, it is. A lot shifts underneath the surface, inside your body, before your symptoms resolve. It’s a process, a journey.


You need a map and a guide!

Finding a healthcare practitioner willing to walk the REAL health journey with you is vital.  Healing can feel hard, like a climb up Mt. Everest, rather than a walk in the park. Your travels can feel overwhelming and finding an experienced guide who can illuminate the shortest least-painful path can really lighten your load. We’re building a practitioner database for you, so stay tuned! In the meantime…


If I were your guide, helping your child heal, before we even started out on our journey together, I’d show you the overall map of where we’re heading. Only makes sense, right?


Your REAL Health Roadmap

I use this with my patients. It’s based on the founding principle we are what we eat. But it takes it a few steps further: We are what we eat, PLUS what we digest, absorb and release (both physically and mentally). We’ll be diving into all the details, with examples of how to start moving in the right direction on your REAL Health Roadmap, but here’s a quick snapshot:


(1) Diet – eat the right REAL food for YOU

(2) Gut – restore digestive function so you can digest and absorb all that tailored nutrition

(3) Detox/Drain – dump the junk (aka clean house), so you can internally reorganize and find what you’re missing…health!

(4) Brain – balance your autonomic nervous system (your internal cab driver), so you’re not stuck in OVERDRIVE and crumble before you even cross the finish line to REAL health.


Keep an image of health close to your heart at all times.

Your REAL health journey may be long, so always hold that image of REAL health in your mind: your child balancing on the teeter-totter, back and forth, grinning ear to ear! She’s flowing, happy, and at ease. BRIGHT, BRAVE, and beautifully BALANCED.


A.C.T. (Action Changes Things):

IMMEDIATELY after you finish reading this blog post, grab your favorite photo of your child – one that represents health & happiness – and put in on your fridge. Remember, to change the visible, you must first change the invisible: nourish those roots! It can be a hard journey, so your child’s smiling face is your constant reminder that REAL health is possible. Period.

I’d love to know…

What picture of your child did you grab? How old is he? What is he doing? Smiling? Laughing? How does that picture make you feel?


If you’re feeling brave today, leave a comment and let me know.

You may just inspire that next someone to get movin and grab that beautiful picture of their child. Just what they need to remember…

REAL health is possible.
Breathe girl, you got this!

XO –

heart Dr. Sue



  1. Lynn Burrows says

    Hi Dr. Sue!
    Great to receive your emails! Gavin is doing well – it’s been years. He is 11 1/2 now. We have followed your guidance over these years :0) One thing we added to his day is magnesium in the Calm powder form – he responds well to this 🙂 One other thing that happened to him was fluoride poisoning – all his adult teeth came in decalcified – Dr. Regiani – thank you for the referral – is taking good care of him.

    • Susan McCreadie says

      Hi Lynn! My pleasure. So great to hear from you…and that you’re still with us after all these years 🙂 Thank you for your continued support! xo – Dr. Sue

  2. Rebecca says

    Thank you always, for sharing your knowledge and life lessons with us! You and Angelle can never know how much you have meant to me over the years. My son struggles with severe acne. It is something that causes me more stress than him I am certain. Currently, he is using some natural oils that I believe are starting to help. One day at a time…

    • Susan McCreadie says

      HI Rebecca – Thank you for reaching out. I’m so grateful we’ve been able to help you in some small way. Yes, one day at a time. Inhale LOVE, exhale FEAR. We’re exactly where we need to be on each of our journeys. Bravo! xo – Dr. Sue

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