Disease Doesn’t Always Come with Labels



Disease doesn’t always come with labels.

When we hear the word disease, we often think of heart disease, diabetes, or cancer. But disease doesn’t always come with labels.


Disease means not-at-ease, a.k.a. STUCK!

Look at the word dis-ease – it means not-at-ease – fixed and imbalanced. Not flowing or happy. Stuck…with constipation, recurrent tummy aches, headaches, inattention, waxing/waning rashes, or a nagging cough. These are all examples of dis-ease, but often overlooked as ‘normal’ or labeled and treated with prescription medications.


Dis-ease for me was miscarriage, after miscarriage, after miscarriage. Years of hormone imbalance (previously masked with hormone pills) ended with the ultimate smack in my face: no baby. PAIN-FULL!  Miscarriage was my sign that I was outta balance, in dis-ease.


REAL health is balance and we must adapt to stay balanced.

Visualize your child balancing himself in the middle of a teeter-totter, leaning to one side, then the other side. Back and forth, flowing, happy, and at ease. If you sit on one end (thud!) and he can’t move from the middle to the opposite end to get the teeter-totter to move again, he’s stuck -imbalanced. He’s in dis-ease.


We’re putting band-aids on big boo-boos.

Only using medications to manage disease is like putting a “Band-Aid” on your child’s “Boo-Boo” to make it go away. Every parent knows that bandages don’t make boo-boos go away, they cover them up. Out of sight, out of mind, right? That works for a simple cut, where the body can heal and re-balance itself easily. But for childhood chronic disease, it’s a different story. Once you remove the bandages (medications), the boo-boos (symptoms) return! Once you remove the topical steroid cream, the eczema returns. If you take a break from the stimulant medication, the inattention or hyperactivity comes back.


We’re missing the BIG picture.

Clearly, we must be missing the BIG picture if our children are riddled with health symptoms and need daily medications for allergies, asthma, attention, autism, diabetes, cholesterol, or just to go to sleep and stay asleep!


Here’s our problem:

We’re focusing on the visible (the symptoms that rise to the top), rather than peeking down below the surface of the symptoms (the invisible) to see why our child is stuck or imbalanced.


It’s time we dig DEEP.

We need to dig DEEP beneath the surface of our child’s symptoms to see the REAL problems that need to be addressed, so we can stop medicating our child’s symptoms away, and start healing them from the inside out.


A.C.T. (Action Changes Things):

Take a minute or two (or three) and list out all the dis-eases or diseases in your family: your children, your spouse, your parents.

I’d love to know…

What is your family struggling with? Allergies, asthma, eczema? Attention, mood, sleep? Diabetes or excess weight? Or maybe it’s constipation, recurrent tummy aches, headaches, waxing/waning rashes, a nagging cough, or recurrent fevers? 


If you’re feeling brave today, leave a comment and let me know.

Dig deep and share BIG.
Your story may be just what someone else needs to hear today.


Community heals.

XO –
heart Dr. Sue



  1. Rach says

    We really don’t have any of those problems. Could it be because I refused vaccines? We also try to eat non GMO as much as possible.

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