The REAL Health Teeter-Totter



REAL health is balance.

My youngest LOVES the teeter-totter, especially standing in the middle of it (over the pivot). She leans to one side, then the other side. Back and forth, balancing herself, and grinning ear to ear. She’s flowing, she’s happy, she’s at ease. Total FREEDOM!!! That’s my visual for REAL health: BRIGHT, BRAVE, and beautifully BALANCED.


In medicine, we call this balancing act homeostasis. We can’t just call it balance, c’mon! Homeostasis is our body’s way of adapting to change to keep it in-check, like shivering when you’re cold to stay warm. Overall, balance is our body’s way of adjusting to an ever-changing environment so we can stay healthy and happy.


We must adapt to stay balanced.

Now visualize your child on the teeter-totter, balancing, happy and at ease. If you sit on one end (thud!), she has to move from the middle to the opposite end to get the teeter-totter to move again. To stay balanced, she adapts to the change in her environment. Balance ensures her stability and gives her the ability to adjust to the next change.


Life is full of change.

Some change will affect your child’s balance (rock her boat), while others won’t. For example, when she’s exposed to a cold virus: does she get a runny nose, cough, and get over it like it’s no big deal? Or is she stuck wheezing and require medication to help her breathe easy again?


Symptoms are a sign you’re outta balance, not adapting.

Nagging symptoms, like wheezing, are a sign that your child’s body is stuck and struggling to find REAL balance (or health). Some kids wheeze, others have waxing/waning rashes or headaches. Some can’t fall asleep or stay asleep. Others can’t concentrate in school or have the emotional stability of an eggshell.


Pay attention to the signs!

It’s important that we pay attention to our child’s symptoms. When we ignore symptoms, or just treat them without finding and healing the core problems, dis-ease follows.


A.C.T. (Action Changes Things):

Take a minute and visualize your child on the REAL health teeter-totter.

I’d love to know…

Is she happy and at ease? Easily balancing herself – back and forth? Or is she stuck (thud!) with symptoms: constipation, recurrent tummy aches, headaches, inattention, waxing/waning rashes, or a nagging cough?


If you’re feeling brave today, leave a comment and let me know.

Dig deep and share BIG.
YOUR story may be just what someone else needs to hear today.


Community heals.

Keep it REAL.

XO –
heart Dr. Sue


  1. says

    Hello 🙂 I’ve been keeping up with you off & on for several years and greatly admire your holistic approach to health! I’d have to say that my kids (Katie, age 5, & Nick, age 3) are usually happy & at ease 🙂 They adapt pretty quickly to changing situations most of the time. Kids learn behaviors from what parents & other close grownups model for them-if I’m always tense & stressed & sick, my kids will be, too 🙁 Even if I DO get stressed, it’s okay to let my kids see it, and then they see me bounce back and get back on the right track again 🙂

  2. Dianne says

    Both my kids had either a stomach bug or food poisoning and a respiratory virus since the new year. Whenever I start them on new supplements and/or diet, it works for a while then stops working. I need a new routine to build their immune systems back up. I wish there were holistic pediatricians closer to my locations.

  3. Kelly says

    My 6 year old daughter has struggled with constipation since she was a toddler. She gets rashes on occasion and has always had trouble falling asleep at night. Her range of emotions, mood swings and tantrums are impressive and exhausting. Over the years she has become increasingly picky about what she eats. All she wants these days is mac and cheese and pancakes. I know we need to make food changes and I’m feeling overwhelmed. I’m glad for this source of support!

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