How Chronic Symptoms Fueled My REAL Food Journey

LoveBomb_ShareYourStoryWhy is REAL food better for me? 

Let me tell you a story of what happened to a child who refused REAL food. Me.

As a kid, I was chronically sick with ear infections, respiratory problems and tonsillitis. I was also quick as a whip, but struggled with behavior issues as early as kindergarten. On top of recurring doses of antibiotics, teachers encouraged my mom to medicate me for ADHD. I’m thankful she refused. Instead, she hired a kind social worker to train our family on coping. It worked a little, but I still got sick (tonsils came out at age 8) and the behavior problems continued.

Looking back, I realize the root cause of the mayhem was FAKE food.  

I was a picky eater and refused to eat anything but desserts, ready-made cereal, skim milk, fruit snacks, pizza and pasta. I was hooked on packaged, processed food that lacked vitamins and minerals and instead contained more sugar and white flour than my little body could handle. The result? Hypoglycemia. Chronic illness. Attention deficit. Behavior issues.

When I was 9, a nutritionist taught me how to balance my blood sugar by eating more protein and fewer sweets. I was a diligent little bugger and followed the rules to a tee avoiding diabetes medication – thank the lord! But, I dealt with low blood sugar problems until my late twenties. That meant having the “crankies” if I didn’t eat every two hours, or fainting at the worst possible moments (like off the top of a cheerleading pyramid during a halftime show!)

While I learned about the importance of protein in blood sugar management, I had no idea the FAKE food I was eating was causing all sorts of problems. Like Dr. Sue says, I put a bandaid on my blood sugar problem that loosely held for years instead of getting to the root of it. It wasn’t until I discovered REAL food (almost twenty years later) that I stopped having chronic episodes of low blood sugar. REAL food has transformed my health in more ways than I can count.

So WHY is REAL food better?  

Your body recognizes REAL food immediately. After you eat REAL food your body knows exactly what to do: digest it and use it to fuel your cells and support many functions. When it’s consumed our bodies know how to digest all of the components of REAL food. Goooo body!

But, when you eat food that’s not REAL (we all do), your digestive system freaks and considers it a toxin. Constant exposure to the unrecognizable ingredients in FAKE food can cause all sorts of health issues like the ones I experienced as a child and more. Chronic sickness. Allergies, Asthma, Eczema, Attention, Mood, Diabetes and Excess Weight. The list goes on.

Chronic symptoms were the catalyst in my journey to discovering REAL food. What’s your catalyst?

Take a brave stand this week and ACT (Action Changes Things):

Choose a FAKE food in your pantry that’s worn out it’s welcome.

Ready. Aim. Toss it!!

Yup. No hesitation about what the kids or your spouse will say.

Just toss it. You’ve got this, girl!

Tell me in the comments below which fake food you TOSSED!
I want to celebrate your wins so please share. I’m here backing you up all the way!

To life, love, & REAL food,

Love, Danielle


  1. Liz says

    My husband brings fake food into the house all the time. I am constantly throwing it out. This week, it was a bag of frozen french fries. He claims they were bought from whole foods so they pass. Hello trash can. Let’s see how long until he notices…

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