How to Finish an Entire REAL food Shopping Venture in 18 Minutes!

What is REAL food?

It seems like a ridiculous question. It’s not. In fact, it requires explanation because when you walk into a grocery store, much of what is offered is not REAL food.  To make matters worse, a lot of this not-REAL food comes in a package with a sophisticated marketing message meant to convince you that it’s good for you.

So you get to the store, the kids are whining, it’s freezing, you are wheeling your cart through miles of persuasive packaging, and you think, I just want to feed my kids well.


What is REAL food and WHERE is it in this crazy store?

STOP. Now, picture yourself at an old farm. The animals are grazing. Your children are giggling as they chase chickens. The cows are mooing and the pigs are rolling in the mud. In the fields, you see lettuce, cucumbers, and cherry tomatoes. Off in the distance, a woman is using a broom to shoo away birds from the blueberry bushes. This is REAL food.

REAL food is as nature intended it.
REAL food grows in the ground, not in a lab.
REAL food attracts bugs and goes rancid when left out.
REAL food is free of pesticides and chemicals to make it grow or stay alive.
REAL food roams the earth in the grass, dirt or water.
REAL food eats what nature intended: grass, bugs or other fish, not bagged feed filled with corn, soy, chemicals or animal by-products (unused parts of other animals).
REAL food doesn’t need a label for you to identify it; it’s not packaged or processed.

Put Simply:

If your great, great, great grandmother would recognize it as food, it’s REAL food.

So, if you don’t live on or near a farm, and you don’t live in the freaking 1700s, how can you possibly find REAL food?!! I mean, seriously.

If you’re like me, you have all the intention to get REAL food from a farmer’s market or a local farm stand. But, sometimes LIFE gets in the way. For those weeks, you just end up at the regular old grocery store, searching for REAL food. Fear not.  I recently completed an entire REAL food shopping venture in 18 minutes! Yahoo!

Here’s how to find REAL food FAST in the grocery store:

Find REAL food in grocery store

You might be thinking, oh s*#&%!

I don’t know what to do with half of that REAL food. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! This journey of starting to eat REAL food is different for everyone and takes time. Be patient. One food at a time. One step at a time.

A.C.T. (Action Changes Things):

Before finishing this blog post, choose one REAL food swap you’re going to make.
Is it pasture-raised eggs instead of regular eggs?
Or organic berries instead of conventional berries?

Share what swap you’ll make below!
Have questions?
I’m all yours. Post them below.


Don’t worry, it took me many years to get here with the help of many health practitioners and formal nutrition training.

But, you’re not alone. You’ve got us! Our community is here to support you!

Be strong. Together we will transform the nutrition of your family one REAL food at a time.

To life, love, and REAL food,

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