Meet Dr. Sue, Holistic Pediatrician

drsuefamilyI’m a lover of all things REAL.

I wear several hats, including holistic pediatrician and non-profit {for-purpose} leader, but I’m always a mama first to 3 girls growing up fast!

I strive for balance. Balance between rest, work and PLAY.

I love to dance {no alcohol required}. Music makes me happy.

I sing {not so well, just ask my girls}, but I sing anyway.

I try to be BRAVE everyday, feel my fear and A.C.T. {’cause Action. Changes. Things.}

All I wanted in life was a happy healthy baby.
But instead, I had miscarriage after miscarriage, after miscarriage. Years of hormone imbalance (previously masked with hormone pills), ended with the ultimate smack in my face: no baby.


But obstacles bring opportunities.

I could wait and see, take a pill, or…
Open my heart and mind to another solution.

I found a medical acupuncturist to re-balance my hormones and VOILA!
We not only conceived, but I didn’t miscarry – and our first daughter was born.

Since then, I’ve studied medical acupuncture, cranial-sacral therapy, reiki,
mind-body techniques, nutrition, herbal medicine and homeopathy.

During my training as a medical doctor and pediatrician, I saw many children
benefit from the marvels of modern-day medicine, and at the same time saw many children
fall through the cracks of standard medicine. This was true, even for my own health!

Now with over a decade of experience, I’ve developed a system to help children
heal from allergies, asthma, attention, autism and most childhood health issues.

My goal is to help your child heal naturally – dig DEEP beneath the surface
of your child’s symptoms, see the root problems and resolve them,
so healing can happen and health can be restored.

You can find REAL health for your child.

I’m SUPER excited to share how on the blog.

get EDUCATED. get INSPIRED. get REAL with us!

Community heals.
{Click link and see our get REAL message come to life through video.}


heart Dr. Sue


  1. Julie Helquist says

    You are such a champion Dr. Sue! I love that your heart is so caring and that you are willing to share all of your wisdom and knowledge to help others. You. Are. The. Best!

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