Mmm. Mmm. Mmm.



Mmm. Mmm. Mmm.
We’ve been cooking up some super exciting transformations here at getREALforkids.

Our mission remains the same: to help children live their best life by empowering caregivers and parents to get REAL with food, health, and parenting.

But, we discovered we needed to do MORE to further our mission (of course we did, we are moms!).

We created three NEW delicious treats to educate and INSPIRE you:

First, mama’s got a brand new pair of shoes or in our case – a NEW WEBSITE! It sparkles and will make you feel all cozy inside. Check it out! This is just the beginning, more sparkles coming soon!

, our brand spankin’ new blog is like no other. Every Mon, Wed and Fri we’ll serve-up small but MIGHTY ways to weave REAL food, health, and parenting into your everyday crazy life.

, but MOST important – we’re making your REAL food life easier with our Menu Plan Program…And, it rocks.
Menu planning stress. GONE.
Frantic recipe searching. OVER.
Shopping lists written on old billing envelopes that get stuck between car seats. NO MORE.
Imagine a meal plan delivered to your inbox every Friday with REAL food recipes that fit your family’s exact dietary needs: for mom who eats grain-free, a child who eats gluten-free, another who needs egg-free or something else-free, and dad who can eat everything (but might be the pickiest eater of all)!

Our Menu Plan Program features recipes from REAL food chefs that fit your needs perfectly.

We’ll save you time, money and stress. Oh yeah!

But it won’t be ready for purchase until February 2015…

And that’s too long to wait, we KNOW…
Enter your name and email below and we’ll send you a FREE trial immediately.

We’re curious, what will you be doing with the 2+ hours we just saved you this week?
Sleep? Yoga? Tell us your plan in the comments below! We can’t WAIT to hear.

XO –
(and Team getREALforkids)


  1. Kelly says

    I’ll use my extra time to meet some new neighbors (in the spirit of building community!) and to spend time with my kids. Might squeeze in a nap too. 🙂 Thank you!!

      • Susan McCreadie says

        You’re most welcome! Enjoy and please let us know what you think…did your kiddos LOVE the recipes? Did they give a thumbs up or thumbs down? – Dr. Sue

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